About us

Getting married requires a lot of planning and preparation to ensure that the whole event would be a success. Wedding invitations, door gifts and even wedding favors have to be planned out perfectly to capture the best moments of this joyous event. This once in a lifetime opportunity has to be perfect for you and your loved ones to cherish for the rest of your lives. We understand that with the busy schedule that Singaporeans have today, there is not much time for them to get the materials needed for the wedding at the same time focus on their other responsibilities.

Therefore, we here at WforWedding take it as our responsibility to help any couples getting married to have the ideal wedding that they want. We offer a variety of services that our customers can choose from; services that range from wedding invitations to wedding favors. These factors are essential for a wedding; therefore we are more than happy to help our customers with their wedding needs

We believe in providing the best services for our customers, we believe that we are able to achieve the ideal wedding for our customers. Meeting our customers need and wants are our top priority. What matters to us most is the smile on our customers’ faces. The services we do are the complete package to have an ideal wedding, with services ranging from comfortable wedding dresses to innovative and unique wedding cards. Our team will definitely do our best to help any one of our customers to have the best wedding they can ever imagine.