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Collection: Decoration

Wedding Decoration Singapore | Wedding Flower Decor Singapore creates a special atmosphere, as our wedding decorations are specially tailored to meet your vision for your wedding day in Singapore. With our flowers, wedding stickers, exclusive balloons and paper garlands, we will add to the fun and class of your wedding. Our numerous, colourful decoration options will turn your wedding dreams into reality. Add colour and cheerful radiance to your wedding theme with our pom-poms. Enhance the decoration and illuminate your wedding area with our Chinese table lamps. Provide a visual delight to your loved ones with our balloons and wedding flowers.

These wonderful embellishments will ensure that you create just the right ambience for your special day. With our varied selections, we have something unique for every wedding theme or mood. Our professionals, with their thoughtfulness and attention to detail, will assure a memorable event for you and your special guests. From rustic chic and causal style to grand elegance, we, at, have it in us to illuminate your wedding stage. Contact us now for the best wedding d├ęcor in Singapore